Everyday Habits Keep Your Heart Healthy


Every 34 seconds, a person succumbs to heart diseases of various types in USA alone. It is also the main terminator in the developed world as a whole and in emerging countries like India. In India, Kerala has the biggest risk of heart diseases. Most times, the patients or their close relatives don’t know the existence of heart condition until it is too late. For those people diagnosed with heart conditions can stick to a simple lifestyle plan, which guarantees healthier, smarter life.

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy


Include wholegrain food items, small fish (non-fatty), legumes (peas), vegetables, fresh fruits, etc in your diet. Include spices like black pepper, turmeric, garlic, etc. Always prefer fresh food items to processed food. Avoid oily and fatty food items of all kinds. Also avoid food that has added preservatives. Avoid ice cream and all kinds of packed food items. Avoid fast food items like puffs, burgers, etc. Never eat any item after six hours of cooking. Do consult your ayurvedic physician to get more directions on your food regime.


Over exertion can complicate your heart condition. However, you can practice yoga. According to the rules of yoga, you must stop and relax whenever you feel any kind of difficulty while practicing yoga. You shall not sweat while practicing yoga too. Meditation and pranayama are essential exercise practices that you must follow. Daily walking is also beneficial. However, make sure you don’t pace too much and put pressure on your heart. Walking is fine, as far as you don’t feel any difficulties. Exercise of any part has to be part of daily routine. Don’t attempt exercise once a while. If you start exercising, do it on a regular basis and don’t quit.

Get a Massage

Ayurvedic massages or plain oil massage (abhayanga) can help sooth your nerves and blood vessels.

Listen to Music

By music, it means soothing music like Carnatic music and not rock music. While Carnatic music relaxes you and lowers your blood pressure, rock music can increase your blood pressure, which is not good for heart patients.

Spend Time with Family Members

Have peaceful and happy hours with your family members. Children can bring freshness to your life. If you are not allergic, you can also try having a pet – like a dog, a cat, a parrot etc. Spending time in a garden with lots of flowers is also good to your heart.

Aroma Therapy

It is found that the smell of rose has the power to lower heart palpitations and to reduce blood pressure. Getting a massage with rose oil has its benefits on your heart.


Sleep at 1O pm every day and wake up at 5 am. Stick to this routine and you will get enough rest and time to enjoy all the directions given above.

Control Your Emotions

Don’t fall prey to anger, grief, guilt, and other negative emotions. Shift your attention to pleasant thoughts and activities – any activity that takes away the pressure is fine. You can’t cure heart diseases by medicine or surgery alone. Your whole mind and body should cooperate and should be in a healthy state. That is how you get control over your heart condition. Dev Sri writes extensively about Ayurvedic practices in Kerala. She invites you to read in detail about Ayurvedic treatments, massage techniques, etc.

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