Make Sure You Do Not Say These Things on Your First Date


First dates can be beautiful, awkward, nerve-wracking, exciting, and a host for a lot of other emotions. There is a lot of advice around the world wide web when it comes to dating such as what to wear, where to eat, what to never mention on an online profile. While most of the information is useful, it is a well-known fact that the best first dates are the ones where you will be able to be yourself. So, to prepare for their first date, people plan the right outfit, location, topics of conversation, and more so that they can know what to do. What people rarely consider is what not to say on a first date. So, here are some of the things which you should never say on a first date:

Things Don’t Say On First Date

  • Leave your Parents Out of Context: Even though you love your parents, mentioning them on your first date can make you come across as immature and family-oriented. Your date will want to know more about you, and there are a lot of things which you can talk about without mentioning the inspiring advice about life given by your mom or dad. The only exception would be when your date asks about your family. If that happens, you can share a funny story about your parents to keep the conversation going strong. 
  • Politics can be a Huge Turnoff: You can be genuinely passionate about your views on politics, and as exciting of a conversation topic that you think it is, it would be better not to mention them on a first date. It is one of the quickest ways to upset your partner and ruin the date. If you are genuinely inclined to the concept of politics, you can go to a dating agency around your locality and submit your interests and find your match. To find dating agencies around you, try searching for Dating agency in Sydney.
  • Never Play the Numbers Game: It is entirely natural to be curious about your partner’s love life and wonders about things like the number of dates they have gone recently, the number of months or years they have been single, and more. It would always be better to control your intentions in asking such questions. If they have been going out on a lot of dates, you might feel insecure or jealous, whereas if they have been single for a long time, you might wonder what is wrong with them. They can be proper mood killers. Hence, forget about the love life and enjoy the time you spend with them. 
  • Forget about the ex: Never bring up your history or details about your previous ex or the dates you have been on. When you mention your ex, your date might think that you have not gotten over him/her. Focus mainly on getting to know your partner. Relationships in the past can be discussed once you have developed a deeper relationship with them. 
  • Avoid any Negativity: Never bring your bad mood to a first date. Emotions can be contagious, and when you try to talk about your horrible day at work or the exhausting week you had, your partner will pick on the negativity and feel upset as well. Negative vibes can create an imbalance in the date. Remember that you are on a date to explore a new relationship you have to be excited to discover all the awesome things about the person and what we have in stock. 
  • Hide your Insecurities: If you are the kind of person who says kinds, maybe, sort of; you need to practice removing these phrases from the conversations. These words will make you sound uncertain and reduce the connection felt by your partner and loosen the bonding. This might even end the first date as soon as possible and also ruin your chances of a second date.

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