CV’s Advice For Healthy Living: 5 Tips To Stay Fit & Look Pretty


Irritated with the bulging belly? Tired of being not able to stop serving your sweet tooth? Unable to run even for five minutes? The unhealthy cycle is a vicious circle because you only get stuck deeper and deeper with time, so take a step towards a healthy lifestyle now to avoid health issues in the future. Read on to know what you can do to stay fit and always look pretty:

Don’t step in the calorie kitchen

Do you know what calorie kitchen is? It is a place which is full of calories, like a dessert place, making sure you get the fat that you don’t require. No matter how slim or fat you are, consuming food products which contain unbelievable amounts of sugar is bad for health. Diabetes is one of the many severe conditions which is caused due to consuming loads of sugary items. Avoid stepping in the calorie kitchen to prevent unnecessary cravings. The goal is to get fit, not just look like one. Expert advice- take a bite or two, but not regularly and especially not at night.

Don’t tape your mouth

People confuse healthy eating with no eating at all. You don’t have to tape your mouth; rather, you just have to eat healthy food. Food products which have low fats, sugars and to a certain extent, carbs need to be avoided, and products that are high in protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre need to be regularly consumed. Expert advice- don’t starve yourself; eat salads and keep a check on your nutrition intake.

Don’t Move your mouth more than your legs

You have to make a choice- move your mouth or your legs, what will you choose? Do you understand what the question means? This simply means to avoid eating more than what you can burn. Buy a fitness watch to keep a check on your calorie burn rate and match it with your daily calorie consumption. Make sure the former stays higher than the latter. Expert advice- exercise and consume a balanced diet regularly.

Don’t indulge in unspeakable activities

People don’t realise that smoking, drugs and other such activities deteriorate the body slowly. Even if you are working out every day, you won’t be able to see noticeable results anytime soon because it is challenging to outmatch the harm that these activities do to the body as compared with the benefits of exercise and balanced diet. Expert advice- quit such addictions right now!

Don’t lose hope

Still no results? Don’t worry! Our body takes time to register outcomes, and it takes a considerable amount of time to notice notable effects on your body. If you have just started doing things mentioned above, then wait for a few weeks and don’t lose hope in the meantime. Expert advice- be regular and the day is not far when you can show off that beach bod on the weekend or wear your favourite lingerie on the next date.

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