How Much Does It Normally Cost to Rent a Dumpster?


Did you know that the average American makes 4.9 lbs. of waste each day?

Whether you’re a home or a business, renting a dumpster is a viable option, especially if you can’t afford to buy your own. However, if it’s your first time considering rentals, you might feel confused about the price.

Cost To Rent A Dumpster

This guide will answer the average cost to rent a dumpster. We’ll also talk about some factors that affect the final price. 

The Average Dumpster Rental Costs

In the United States, the average cost to rent dumpsters ranges between $200 and $800 each week. It isn’t the type of dumpster you use for bathroom renovation projects. It’s a 30–40-yard dumpster construction and roofing companies use.

Dumpster Size

The required size will affect the price of renting a dumpster. Think about the size of your home renovation, construction, or cleanup. The average dumpster size you’ll need is either 10 or 20 yards.

The median price for a 10-yard dumpster is $300. For a 40-yard dumpster, expect it to be $495 on average. So, before renting dumpsters, you must think about your ideal size.

Weight of the Waste

Asking for a dumpster rental company for a quote means getting a certain weight estimate price. As a homeowner, you might feel unsure about the average weight of household waste. Most homes’ junk will stay light.

Filling up the dumpster with household waste weighs around 1-2 tons. It changes when you’re mixing heavier waste like the following:

  • Roof shingles
  • Concrete
  • Dirt
  • Construction debris

These waste materials often bump your weight to 3-4 tons. Regardless, the quote will show the estimated number of tons for your home. Most rentals will list 2 or 3 tons, so be careful when your household waste exceeds this estimate.

Landfill Rates

After your provider gets your dumpster, they’ll take your waste to certain landfills. The prices above seem expensive because it includes landfill rates. It’s the most significant factor that affects the cost of renting a dumpster.

The landfill will weigh your household debris. After that, the dumpster service will pay them to get rid of your waste. It’s an unavoidable cost since it’s part of ensuring that your waste won’t affect the environment.

The disposal rates associated with landfills can differ. Most dumpster rental companies will pay anywhere between $35 and $100 for a ton of waste. It’s more expensive when you’re living in areas with heavier populations.

For example, it’s almost impossible to get cheap dumpster rentals in big cities. Even when the dumpster offers low prices, the landfill fees won’t.

Other Dumpster Rental Fees

The good news is that the average rental cost will include other fees. This includes tonnage fees, delivery fees, and additional surcharges. Regardless, the amount of money you spend on dumpster rental depends on your location.

States have varying dumpster rental costs. If you’re living in a state with a lower price of living expenses, expect your dumpster rental to be the same.

Living in a rural location could increase your rental prices. It’s because dumpster delivery trucks travel further to get your trash. If your area is hard to access, it costs more money since it involves more work.

What to Look for in a Dumpster Rental Company

Now you know the cost of renting a dumpster, it’s time to get the best company. Either check this link to find dumpsters for rent near me or know what to look for. Read more:

  1. Local Knowledge and Experience

You have a unique property. Regardless of its size, you’ll have limitations on where to put your dumpster site. Your rental company must have local area knowledge to find the perfect dumpsite.

Local companies also help you know about zoning laws and other city requirements. They must offer quick delivery and pick up. They have more flexible schedules, meaning you need not worry about last-minute changes.

  1. Size Variety

Never limit yourself to a company using a single dumpster size. These are often businesses looking to keep their operating costs at a minimum. It might seem cheap at the surface, but extra pick-ups for bigger properties can add up.

Before you pick a dumpster rental company, estimate the capacity you’ll require. Most reputable companies will have at least three dumpster sizes. It offers enough versatility to handle almost any requirement.

Get a company with adjustable rates. It allows you to only pay for the service you use. Reputable companies will remove electronics, tires, and mattresses at a low price.

  1. Customer Service

It’s one of the most important aspects of any business. As a consumer, you want to know that your chosen business appreciates you. Never get a rental company that cuts down on customer service to keep their prices low.

Always hire a company that keeps you happy. Ensure that they provide clear information regarding the dumpster rental process. They must have a definite and upfront pricing to let you know what you’re getting.

With the internet’s prevalence, more forward-thinking companies use a simple online system. It allows you to complete the rental process within a few clicks. Good companies have helpful customer service representatives.

After completing the order, the company sets your dumpster on a specific date. They will pick up your household waste once they finished preparing the site. It ensures your premises are clean.

Rent a Dumpster Today

Now you know the average cost to rent a dumpster. Use these to guide you toward choosing the right dumpster rental company. Never settle for anything less than what you’re paying for.

Taking care of trash is only one crucial step to home maintenance. Are you looking for more tips to improve your home? If so, consider our other guides and find out how to make your home or workplace more conducive.

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