Common Questions You Need To Ask The Doctor Before Going Through A Laser Eye Surgery


Eyes! Our beautiful eyes are truly the windows to this lovely world. So, when you feel like going in for a surgery, you are obviously tensed with a thousand questions crowding your thoughts! An experienced surgeon will always help you to relax and answer your queries. Just remember that asking questions does not necessarily mean that you are asking the right ones! Cataract surgery at George St Eye Centre is obviously an option! This is because these reputed eye centres have the best surgeons and equipment. They will definitely help you with your questions. Just remember to ask some relevant ones!

Questions to ask the Eye Surgeon before Your Laser Eye Surgery

It is always a good thing to go in prepared for your surgery! So, you need a list of questions that needs to be asked. Of course, you can ask the questions that help you relax, but never forget to ask the crucial ones. You have no idea about the important questions? No problem! We are willing to help you with that as well! Here are some questions that you need to ask before the surgery:

1. Is the laser surgery really needed?

Surgery is not like a fun roller coaster ride! You need to understand that. So, unless and until you absolutely need it, you should not go in for the surgery. Laser surgery is safe! But, you need not have it if you do not need it. Do not assume that you need surgery. Ask the surgeon this question and you will know whether you need it or not!

2. Is my optical health optimum?

You need to think about one thing! Before any surgery, you have to run tests. Eye surgery requires that as well. You will need to run some tests for your optical health. Stability of eye power is a great indicator for that. Ask your doctor for the past year, what they think about your optical health. Whether it is stable enough to sustain laser surgery or not!

3. For how long will the surgery impede your lifestyle?

It is obvious that it will be sometime before you get back to normal life! So, make sure you are up for it. Now, if it is a surgery that needs to be completed ASAP, like cataract, then you will have to go in for it. But, make sure that you know how long you will be out! Ask your surgeon this question, before you decide on the date for surgery.

4. What is the percentage of success?

You need to ask this question to both the surgeon and at the clinic! Both should have a good rate of success. This is a no brainer pointer for choosing the right eye clinic and surgeon. Ensure that you find a reputed clinic and surgeon with this question.

5. Is the treatment permanent?

Many may tell you that laser eye surgery is a permanent solution. But, that is only the half-truth. It is definitely a long-term solution. It is never permanent! You will age. As that happens, some problems may arise. Ask your surgeon about how long term the treatment will sustain your perfect vision?! They will never offer false information, so you will never be surprised if your vision is not perfect forever!

6. Is aftercare needed after your eye surgery?

Some complications may arise, so ensure that the clinic and surgeon do offer post-surgery care. Complications are extremely rare, but not unheard of! So, make sure you know what kind of aftercare the surgeon and clinic are willing to offer. Now, you are ready to head in and think about surgery! Do not forget to ask these relevant questions. An experienced surgeon and reputed clinic will answer it all. Ask the questions and have a stress-free surgery!                 


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