Commercial Interior Design


Each time you enter a commercial place, a restaurant or a cafe, you never fail to admire its perfect interiors – where themes, aesthetics, functionality – all come together seamlessly! Not to mention projecting the brand name – using the colors of the logo, the idea behind the brand, etc., and incorporating them into your design. Those admirable colors, the way the lighting fixtures are placed or the manner in which each structure is designed and developed – one gets awed by the amount of planning and thoughts that go behind it all.

That is basically the main difference between any residential interior design and a commercial one! The former is more personal, while the latter speaks about a brand and business idea. Herein enters into the picture commercial interior designers in Sydney. Ionna Lennox Interiors are one of the most brilliant ones in this field. They offer mind-blowing concepts taking into consideration your business strategy, motive behind a curtain decor idea, your brand value, and the impact that the design may have on the customers/ clients. The visual beauty they create weaves in your brand’s story beautifully.

Hidden ideas behind some famous commercial centers

Almost all commercial places are designed keeping in mind a certain goal. Some are designed to gain maximum customer satisfaction, while some have the employees’ convenience at stake. Another common factor in any commercial interior design is security – CCTV and other forms of security measures are absolute musts. Read below of some of the popular twists to the interiors of prominent commercial places and the reasons behind them:

  • Clubbing in Cafe — When a lot happens over a cup (or even cups!) of coffee, the positive vibes are mandatory. So is a relaxed feel. So, lounge sofas and grouped seating creating a perfect ambiance for conversation over coffee are mostly opted for. Blowouts of coffees and nibbles tempt you to order from the menu. Wise sayings framed, or graffiti or modern art placed on the backdrop of warm wall paint complete the cozy feel.
  • The sophistication of a Jewellery store — When you step into a jewelry store, you are meant to feel like royalty. Well, only then would you not mind splurging on the pieces that your heart desires. High shine, bright illumination, mirrored walls, frameless glass display cases – everything adds to the glitzy and blingy factors. Comfortable seating makes browsing a happy experience.
  • Furniture showroom that gives ideas to revamp yours — Furniture stores need to entice you to change what you have. Ever imagined why all furniture stores are big? Because they need to recreate small zones of various interior ideas for you to visualize their products in your home. Bright lights add to the trick to create the warmth that we look for in any interiors. Now you know what exactly you need for your space, and how to place them!
  • Behind the bars — Bar is designed keeping in mind that it would perhaps entertain people who would have a pleasant time with the cosy company. From seating to lighting – everything here should offer you a sense of privacy. This is a perfect place to play with dark colors, mirrored backdrop to showcase the liquor bottles, mood lighting, etc. 

The styles of the commercial places may differ as to the personal choices of the owner. But the basic idea remains the same. Every commercial place tells a story – the story of a brand or commodity – a story strong enough to convert casual onlookers into customers.

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