Choosing the Right Boat for Your Recreational Boating Adventure


Isn’t it fun to have a trip with friends or family on a lovely holiday on a boat? Not like how the rich do it but a more affordable one. Being in open waters and bonding over the holiday season is a great way to spend a vacation. There need to be several things that need to be handled if you are going to rent a boat. Here are some tips on the things that you have to check before hiring a boat.

Best Season For Boating

Do a little research and find out the best season to go for the boating trip. Many who does boat hire in Mooloolaba says that they have made it much easier for first-timers. Some even provide online safety classes before you get to your vacation spot. So, you need to look out for the best weather. It just takes a matter of minutes for change in weather, depending on your location. An extra layer of clothing will help in this situation. Be prepared for any weather conditions.

Boating Rules

Different states have different rules when you are in the water. You need to undergo an education class on boating and how to go about it in a vessel. The companies who rent the boat make the boater sign a form accepting the responsibility of everyone on board and the boat. If any damage caused to the vessel or people in it, it will be up to the one who is signing the papers. Insurance companies have provided extended coverage for rental boats. This insurance does not cover the purchase. A fixed deposit should be given while delivering, and companies sometimes keep the deposit if some severe damage is done to the boat. When it comes to the one rider, the most state asks for a person who is above 18 with a valid driver’s license. The boats are easy to operate, and they will be taught.

Boat Inspection Checklist

When the boat is delivered, take pictures from every side. Some companies do that to avoid conflicts when you give it back. If there are any previous damage to the boat, you can inform them. Here is a list of things that you need to check when you get your boat

  • Dents on the hull
  • Stains on seat
  • Motor or propeller damage
  • Cracks on windshield
  • Loose-fitting or broken areas
  • Scratched surfaces

Boat Safety Precautions

Safety equipment is essential when you are on board. Double-check before the ride where they are kept and that you have everything for an emergency. Sometimes the renting company gives you everything or lets you take stuff for yourself. Some important things are to make sure kids wear life jackets all the time. Also, make sure the life jackets are the proper size and easily wearable.

Types of Boats

Many kinds of boats are given out for fishing. For example, Pontoon fishing boat. They are considered fun to cruise in a river and also used both for fishing and leisure rides by families and groups. It can fit approximately 11-12 people comfortably. Mako fishing boats are more sporty and stylish compared to these. Among anglers, they are a popular choice. It comes with a 140 horsepower motor, and it is longer than 19 feet. You can take almost seven people in one of those. It is mainly for fishing parties. Fish rod holders are permanently fixed for two seats in these boats. These are great options for having a fun trip with your loved ones. Follow the rules and be careful.

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