How to Choose the Best Home Office Lighting Ideas for Your New Home Office


It’s no surprise that more people are working from home than ever before. With the effects of the pandemic still in full swing, working in the confines of the house is the best way for people to stay safe while still completing their tasks. If you’re one of these people, there’s a good chance that you’ve already set up your home office by now and have been making some pretty good progress.

That being said, you may be having an issue with proper lighting and may need to look into some home office lighting ideas. After all, your house wasn’t made to be a workplace, and you’ll want to have proper lighting to ensure you put out an optimal work performance and protect your eyes from any low-light strain.

The good news is that there are plenty of solutions for your lighting needs! This article shows you how to go about choosing the best lighting for your home office needs. Read on to find out more!

Evaluate the Natural Light

Before you can find out how much lighting you need for your office, you need to gauge the amount of natural light you already have in the area. After all, if you bring in too much light then you’ll end up making the office space too bright and irritating to the eyes, and if you don’t add enough light you could strain your eyes trying to look at the screen.

To find out how much natural light your room brings in, start by checking its brightness during various times of the day to find the optimal hours. Will the lighting produce a glare on your computer screen? Also, make sure to take note of any shadows that happen to be in the room as well as where these shadows fall to make sure you arrange the furniture in the most well-lit areas.

Work on the Overhead Lighting

The next thing you’ll want to do is take a look at your overhead lighting. Since your overhead lighting is your biggest contributor to artificial lighting, this step is important to help you minimize further costs that you would spend on supplemental lighting.

You’ll want your overhead lighting to establish your overall lighting level in your office space. This, of course, is trickier than it sounds, as too much or too little can detract from your overall work experience. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure you pick an overhead light that enhances the attractive features of the room since it is still a part of your home and deserves to look good in its own right.

For an optimal experience, you may want to consider a flush mount ceiling light, a small chandelier, or even a pendent to mix chic looks with great lighting.

Make Sure You Get Good Desk Lights

Now that you have the optimal overhead lighting, you need to get proper desk lights. Having a desk or task light is essential to ensure you have more than enough lighting to safely work on your projects and can keep you focused. That being said, you want to make sure you choose simple fixtures that bring in clear but gentle amounts of light.

Although there are plenty of fixed desk lights that are attractive for their price, you’ll want to opt for a task light that comes with an adjustable head and arm so you can have control over where the light will shine (this will allow you to modify your lighting throughout the day). 

Make sure to also place your lamp in a proper spot to bring the risk of creating shadows or glares to a minimum. As a tip, it’s best to place the lamp on the side of your non-dominant hand to reduce the shadow that could be created by your hand as you write. You’ll also want to look into buying LED lights, as these are not only more environmentally friendly but also reduce the amount of generated heat, keeping your workplace comfortable.

Add Some Decorative Lighting

Although this is completely optional, it never hurts to add a bit of extra lighting to brighten up the room. Adding decorative lights or extra task lights around the room is a great way to chase away any remaining shadows that may creep into your office space throughout the day.

As with the overhead lighting, make sure to take your time picking decorative lights that maximize the creativity and overall ambiance of the room. For example, try adding decorative wall sconces around the room closer to your seating area to add more character to your office space while still reaping the benefits of the light for your work needs. Try to make sure the bulbs you use match the other lights to have a cohesive ambiance in the room!

Now that you know how to find the right light for your home office, you’ll need to make sure you go to the right place to buy the lights that you need to create an optimal setting. Professional lighting designers such as Interior Deluxe have the perfect lights to match any situation, so find the light that works for your home!

Home Office Lighting Ideas for Your Needs

With these home office lighting ideas, you won’t have a problem figuring out how to choose lighting for your home to best help you with your business needs. Make sure you take a look around our site to figure out more ways to upgrade your lifestyle and move closer to the successful life you deserve. We’re sure you’re going to love what you find here!


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