Six Factors to Help You Choose the Best Awnings for Your Home!


Remember those beautiful shades on the windows looking attractive even from a distance? These are the astounding awnings on your windows enhancing your home’s beauty even more! Installing them on your windows or decks can add a unique charm to your home. Plus, the exclusive benefits of installing them is something that makes awnings a must add factor to your home.

Awnings are indeed a dramatic addition to your home! Whether it’s only for having that perfect barbecue party or you need the shade of the same during the day to avoid the heat, or it’s only because your home décor asks for an extra X factor — awnings could be the one thing that can give your home the magical transformation you were pining for. But the emphasis stays on choosing the most suitable and the best one for your home.

Things to keep in mind when choosing awnings for your home!

Are you confused as to which kind of awning would be the best for your home? Now, this totally depends upon the motive behind installing the same. Like, if you are looking for only beautification or functionality (like, a shade or weather-coat), or whether you are looking to add an element of architectural interest that lasts long, etc. Now let us guide you in choosing the same for your home and pick the best one for your purpose:

  1. The perfect material — Mostly there are two options when it comes to choosing the right material for your awnings. Either you can go for the outdoor fabrics or simply opt for the aluminium awnings in Brisbane, Dunmoe Cladding Services offer some exclusive ranges of awnings best suitable for your windows, doors, patio, etc. While outdoor fabrics can be chosen in different shades and designs, aluminium awnings are somewhat restricted in this factor.
  2. The right angle — This is one of the most ignored factors while installing awnings in your home. For the windows that are south facing, a little tilt of 35-40 % drop angle would be enough to bring in appropriate sunlight and shade simultaneously. While for the ones facing north or west, a 65-70% drop seems the best.
  3. Side panels — Side panels are often considered as an added feature to your awnings. These not only provide great coverage when a shade of protection is needed, but also add a distinct feel to your awnings.
  4. Retractable or freestanding awnings — The type of awning you prefer is also a pretty crucial point to consider. Retractable awnings provide you the flexibility to control the awnings. This means you can get maximum natural sunlight in winter if you want to. Retractable awnings are especially suitable for patios or decks, providing you the option to adjust it when you don’t want to use it. By using motors and switches, retracting the awning becomes a super easy job. The advanced models available nowadays even have the automatic sun and wind sensors.
  5. The suitable size of the awnings — Even the size of your awnings do matter and should be considered when you are selecting one for your home. Smaller sizes of awnings look super cool on your windows, while broader ones are the best suited for larger areas.
  6. The style of awnings — The style of your awnings can be chosen to suit your home’s aesthetics. They can either be traditional with closed or open sides, dome styles, double bar standard, semi-circular type, etc.

 These tips are a comprehensive guide for you to choose the best awnings for your home. When all of these factors are properly considered, there’s no chance that you’ll ever make a wrong choice.  

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