How to Cheer Yourself up After a Lousy Day (6 Instantly Mood-Boosting Tips)


Are you having a bad day? You know the kind. Nothing goes right and it’s one little indignity after another.

How are you supposed to pick up the pieces, or keep more from falling off? How do you cheer yourself up? Read on for 6 mood-boosting tricks!

  • Retail Therapy

Retail therapy is a tried and true method on how to cheer yourself up when feeling down. Buying something is empowering. In certain situations, not buying something is also therapeutic. 

  • Working for the Man

How to cheer yourself up at work is tricky. There are some places that limit the sites you can visit while at work. Sometimes, the best thing to do is walk away.

Walk away from your computer, that is. Take a walk, get coffee, or even help someone who needs it. Little things like can be surprising mood boosters.

  • Singing the Blues

Singing is a great way to cheer yourself up when you are sad, and it doesn’t have to be the blues! Grab a bunch of friends and head to karaoke night. Or simply crank up the stereo and belt out your favorite tunes to the cat.

  • Make Them Laugh

When you need to cheer up get the laughter coming. Watch or listen to something guaranteed to make you laugh. Watch your favorite sitcom or listen to a funny podcast.

You can go see a stand-up comic, or pop in your favorite comedy. Whatever you do, laughter is how to cheer yourself up after a bad day!

  • Stray Cat Strut

Your furry friends are little engines for creating serotonin. Go pet your cat or your dog, or your guinea pig or hamster. You can always count on your fur family to fight the blues.

Don’t have a pet? Your local humane society or shelter have many waiting for adoption. You’ll get a mood boost because you’re helping save a life, and the benefits of having a fuzzy roommate! That’s how to cheer yourself up after a breakup!

  • Memes

Memes are a modern way to bring joy to your life. You can find memes about fluffy animals, weird behavior, you name it. Silly Joke Husky, Captain Obvious, and Success Kid are just three examples of great meme content.

You’ll find that memes come and go rapidly, sometimes within the span of a day. The best ones stick around, and become “Ascended Memes”. That’s where you’ll find the best laughs.¬†

Do you want to have a go and creating the next “Ascended Meme”? This Adobe Spark Post can get you started making a meme for the ages.

  • Cheering Section

Knowing how to cheer yourself up is a life skill worth learning. It helps stave off depression and anxiety or just lightens your mood. We all need a mood boost once in a while.

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