Challenges To Overcome When Cleaning Windows Like A Pro

Cleaning Windows

We all like to have clean, sparkling windows for our home and commercial premises. It represents to the onlookers how much you care for your premises. Also, your degree of cleanliness and discipline is clearly portrayed through the windows. However, doing the actual thing is undoubtedly a challenging task. If you want professionally cleaned windows, then you either have to hire a pro service or become a pro cleaner.  To help you in the window cleaning journey, we are here to describe the common challenges every inexperienced window cleaner face. Yeah, these are challenges, and so, you can overcome them by taking concrete steps. 

  • Not implementing a regular cleaning regime 

According to the cleaning professionals, homeowners make a terrible mistake of not planning their cleaning routine. For instance, windows need to be cleaned twice a year. But homeowners procrastinate and get into window cleaning task only when they become really dirty. As a result, even if they hire a professional to get them cleaned, it becomes challenging, and 100 percent results cannot be guaranteed.  So, plan a rigorous schedule of cleaning the windows and implement it diligently. 

  • Not aware of the right tools and techniques 

Most of the homeowners get involved in window rubbing as they perceive it as the only window cleaning method. They use random cleaning solutions and no proper tools to clean the windows and mess up them completely. The window might look clean on the first look, but later it gets blurred and requires intense cleaning by pros.  Another drawback of DIY window cleaning is to not using proper tools. Professionals do not use any hi-tech tools and equipment, but they know which are the right tools. For instance, they know very well that instead of using a simple brush and a cloth, a squeegee would do wonders on the windows. The results might surprise you if you glance at the toolkit of a professional window cleaner. So, our point is to be aware of the right tools and cleaning solutions, and not be ignorant about the same. You do not have to invest an ample amount of money into it; only a one-time investment will do. If you are hiring a window cleaning service, then you can check whether they have the right tools or not. 

  • Not using the right preventive methods 

When you clean windows, it is obvious that the floor might get stained or you might have to reach the top surfaces. Yes, it is indeed a herculean task, and you will need professional services for the same. A right professional cleaning service will implement preventive measures for its staff, such as using ladders to reach higher levels, using poles or extenders, and wearing protective shoes to avoid floor staining. 

  • Not paying attention to the trouble zones 

Window cleaning does not involve only the window surfaces. There is much to it such as the window tracks. Well, hiring a professional is a wise decision to get cleaner and better tracks (if they have not been cleaned for a super-long while). But if you want a simple, DIY solution, then you can use simple tools like vinegar-baking soda solution, cloths, an old toothbrush and a lot of patience. If you are hiring a service, then ensure that they are cleaning the window tracks as well and negotiate the package itself. A pro service will surely take care of the tracks and provide you with a comprehensive clean-up. So, hiring a professional is a good decision, but you also need to cope up with these challenges by cleaning the windows regularly. Consider it as a bi-annual regime and pay attention to the intricate details too. 

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