Cervical Cancer: Symptoms And Signs


Cervical cancer is a cancer that is arising from the cervix. Cervical cancer happens mostly due to abnormal growth of cells that have ability to spread to other parts of body.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms And Signs

Cervical cancer occurs when abnormal cells on the cervix grows out of control. The cervix is the lower part of uterus that opens into the vagina. Cervical cancer is treated it is found in early stage. If a person is having PAP TEST it is founded in early stage. Most of the cervical cancer are caused by human papillomavirus. It is mainly happens to women through worldwide. But in united states and some countries where there is routine checkup of this cervical cancer it is not happened there so fast. The virus if cervical cancer is also known as HPV. It happens when you have any sexual contact with the person having cervical cancer. There are different types of HPV in which mostly of them do not cause cervical cancer. Some virus from them cause genital warts. Mainly adults suffer from HPV virus of cervical cancer. The infection after some time disappears of its own. But in few cases or sometime it causes genital warts and grows in the form of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer begins from the cells on the surface of the cervix. As the time passes, cervical cancer invade more deeply into the cervix and also the nearby tissues. Cervical cancer cells spread cervical cancer by breaking away from the cervical tumor. These travel through the lymph vessels to nearby lymph nodes. Cervical cancer cells spread mostly through the blood vessels to the lungs, liver or bones. The process is called metastasis. It is a process in which cervical cancer cells spread from the tissues in which they arise to other tissues. After once they are spreaded the cervical cancer cells may attached to other tissues and forms new tumor that damages those tissues.

Signs Of Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer Symptoms 

  • There are lots of symptoms available through which a person can examine of cervical cancer.
  • Bleeding from the vagina that is not normal.
  • Bleeding between menstrual periods.
  • Bleeding after sex.
  • Bleeding after menopause.
  • Pain in lower belly or pelvis.
  • Pain during sex.
  • Vaginal discharge that is not normal.

Any women with these symptoms should consult immediately to her doctor so that treatment should be done as early as possible. There are also vaccines available for cervical cancer. Most oftenly used vaccines for cervical are HPV vaccines. Treatment of cervical cancer consist of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cervical cancer is the world’s fourth number cancer which is very chronical and it is also the fourth main cause of death in the women. Developed countries are using regular screening tests which has reduced the rate of cervical cancer.

Symptoms of Advance Stage of Ccervical Cancer

Loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss, pelvic pain, leg pain, back pain, swollen legs, vaginal bleeding heavily, leakage of feces from vagina.

Risk Factors of Cervical Cancer 

It is natural that if you get any disease you are aggressive to know why it happened to you. In case of cervical cancer doctors does not tell any women about cervical cancer happening. Main risk factor of cervical cancer is the infection and another one is smoking. It increases the HPV many more. This risk of cervical cancer will be reduced by getting regular cervical cancer screening tests. If abnormal cervical cells changes are found in the early stage then the cervical cancer was prevented by killing or removing the changed cell before they took form of cervical cancer cell.

There are some other ways through which a women can reduce its cervical cancer risk. Women can take HPV vaccines before becoming sexually active. It is the age period from 9 years to 26 years. If a women have vaccine of cervical cancer then also she has to take screening tests. As vaccines reduces a person’s ability to get infected. The drawback of these vaccinations is that these can reduce the chances of a person to easily get cervical cancer but it is more rarely happened with the ladies having vaccination of cervical cancer.

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Diagnosis of cervical cancer

If you are getting these symptoms of cervical cancer you should consult your doctor immediately. The doctor can examine the problem and diagnose it.

Cervical Exam :

In this cervix is looked upon. Doctor tests it with a colposcope. A colposcope functionality is very easy. It combines a bright light with a magnifying lens which makes the tissue easier to see. This examination is done in clinic.

Lab Tests :

Doctor can take cervix cells as a sample. It is taken for a PAP Test. In this test the cells are checked for cervical cancer or for the cells that are getting infected and makes the cancer later if it is not treated carefully.
For HPV test the same cells or similar cells are taken for HPV infection.
HPV causes cervical cancer and cell changes.

Tissue Samples :

In this test the sample of tissues from women body are taken and after that it is examined to test that whether a women is infected from cervical cancer or not. There are different ways to remove tissues by a doctor from a women body.

Punch Biopsy :

In this method, the doctors use the sharp tool to pinch out the tissues from body.

Leep :

A doctor uses an electric wire to slice off a thin round piece of cervical tissue.

Cone Biopsy :

In this the doctors examine the tissue from the depth to cell whether it has any affected cell or not. In this a doctor took the cone shaped tissue from the body. A doctor examine this under general anesthesia.

Endo Cervical Curettage :

In this treatment a spoon shaped small instrument is used that is called curette. It is used to scrap the tissue from the cervical canal. There are few or some doctors that use brush that is soft or thin at place of curette. Cervical cancer cells are examined by pathologist under the microscope. Sometimes, A biopsy test is beneficial as compared to other methods of testing that tells whether the cervical cancer is there or not.When a tissue is removed from cervical canal it may cause some bleeding or any other discharge. Some women also feel like menstrual cramps like pain. The area from where tissue is removed quickly heels. Doctor suggested the medicines that gave relieve from these pains.

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