Cameron Trusts Us. Do You Know If You Are A Good Candidate for This Beauty Regimen?


Getting flawless skin is not an overnight deal, even cosmetic surgeries take longer. It is also true that you can’t just put anything on your face and expect it to work. We are in the age of information, and the need of asking questions and looking for proof is more important than ever.

The internet is flooded with anti ageing products that claim to single-handedly rid you of all your skin problems and miraculously give you the gift of radiant, flawless skin overnight. To say the least, this is the complete opposite of the truth.

In reality, having great skin requires constant care, and repair of the skin, a healthy lifestyle and lots of protection. Numerous celebrities have recognised the importance of a strict, no-compromise beauty regimen in keeping their skin looking youthful and fresh. This article aims to guide you to build your own skin rejuvenation regimen that is fit for celebrities:

Day-Time Skin Care

Cleanse– Begin your day by gently cleansing your skin with a general cleanser. Please note that the cleanser will soon be washed off the face, so you do not have to invest on one of those “anti ageing formula” cleansers. Any average brand of cleanser would get the job done.

Also remember that only people with oily skin type need to cleanse twice. That means, if you have normal or dry skin type, you only need to cleanse once during the day. It is advisable to skip the morning cleanse as the skin goes into repair mode at night, when it can reap the maximum benefits from your cleanser.

Tone– Choose a Skin Toner with antioxidant ingredients. They will deep clean the skin pores and get rid of the free radicals. A Skin Toner with antioxidant or exfoliant properties with ensure all residue of the cleanser is washed off and the skin is refreshed.

Moisturize– Moisturize with the best skin care product you can find with clinically proven ingredients that reverse the signs of ageing. Look for brands that list retinol or a derivative of retinol as their ingredient.

Don’t slather too much moisturizer on your skin as it may block the pores, preventing necessary oxygen supply to the skin.

Sun Protection– Wrap up your morning skincare routine by applying liberal amounts of sunscreen to provide protection against harmful UV radiations your skin is subjected to throughout the day.

For the night

The night leg of your skin care regimen is very important. As you go to sleep, your skin wakes up to repair and reverse the damage caused during the day, and to prepare itself for the next day. Anything you apply on your skin right before hitting the bed ensures your skin can reap the maximum benefits from it. The same steps are involved in the night time skincare routine:

Cleanse– Same way as the morning, and if you have dry or normal skin type, make sure you do the cleansing only before going to bed.

Tone– Use the same Skin Toner as morning. At this stage, apply any advanced skin care treatments you might have for spots or blemishes. Keep in mind, only use the products that include clinically tested ingredients.

Moisturize– Same as before. The moisture residue from the cleanser would ensure the moisturizer gets properly absorbed.


Before wrapping up, I would just like to remind you that only following this regime won’t help if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. For best results, combine this skincare regime with ample sleep, healthy eating habits, and avoiding alcohol and smoking.

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