Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Kitchen Faucets


The average kitchen renovation for a 200 square foot kitchen costs $64,000. However, you don’t have to spend that much money to update your kitchen’s look. 

Changing the hardware and fixtures in your kitchen can give it an update without breaking the bank. Pair this with a new wall color and decor, and you have a completely new kitchen. 

Buying kitchen faucets can be tricky, so follow these tips and make sure you buy the right faucet for your kitchen. 

  1. Style 

Looks aren’t everything, but they sure are important. Choose a faucet with a finish and style that will blend well with the rest of your kitchen. Traditional kitchen faucet design rules state that all of your fixture finishes should match, but modern trends say that this is out. 

Chrome is the most durable finish but also looks industrial; like the budget option. Brushed nickel or stainless steel are durable but show fingerprints and water spots.

You can choose whatever finish you think looks best in your kitchen. For design, you’ll need to choose between traditional, builder, modern, ornate, and minimalist.

You can click here and see the different finishes and styles for yourself. 

  1. Height and Reach 

Look at where you plan to install your faucet, and this will tell you how high and how far out the faucet should reach. If you have a shelf, window ledge, or anything else above the sink, you may be limited on how high the faucet can be. 

Some larger sinks require a faucet that reaches further so that you can direct the water into each bowl. You’ll also want to look at the placement of the mounting point on the counter. A faucet that’s too short will direct the water onto the counter. 

  1. Ceramic Valves 

For the most durable installation, look for a faucet with ceramic valves. This will prevent you from having dripping issues later on. Thankfully, when comparing faucet prices, they’re about the same as other options, so there’s no reason not to choose ceramic. 

  1. Count the Holes 

If you’re replacing a faucet, then your new faucet needs to match the holes you already have in your counter. Otherwise, you’ll need a cover plate to cover the extra holes or drill out new holes. 

Your sink will either have one or three holes. Some sinks have a “wide spread” design, which places the holes further apart. This will limit your ability to switch between dual and single-handled faucets. 

  1. Pull Down or Side Mount 

Kitchen sinks can come with a pull-down or side mount sprayer. Experts will tell you that a pull-down sprayer is more reliable than a side mount. Sprayers that are separate tend to have dripping and leakage issues that down-style sprayers don’t have. 

However, if you already have a side mount, you may want to keep this design to prevent having to fill a hole in your counter. 

You Know the Tricks to Buying Kitchen Faucets Online

When you keep these tips in mind, buying kitchen faucets becomes a manageable task. When choosing your kitchen faucet, focus on both looks and function. 

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