Bring Your Home Close to Nature With Earth Toned Tiles!


Getting inspired by nature is natural! And the neutral tones of nature look all the more inviting when you embrace them in your home décor. Getting Earth toned tiles is a great way to bring nature to your home. These tiles have this exclusive quality of adapting to any patterns and creating a fascinating look in your home. And since these are tiles, there are huge varieties of these even in these earthly patterns.

Some Fantastic Tiles in Earthy Tones Ready to Adorn Your Home!

Tiles in earthy tones are an astounding choice! And if they are laid by Best Skills in Auckland, the tiler company that has a really good history of creating stunning places by perfectly laying the tiles and helping with the waterproofing, then the results are also long-lasting and jaw-dropping. But hey, before you get us wrong, let us tell you that earthy tones aren’t just limited to browns! They can be as diverse as nature itself and the effects of them in your home can be versatile too. Below are listed some of the earth-toned tile patterns that are enough to make you go crazy with the temptation to choose all of them for your home.

  • The classy wood look tile — Installing wood look tiles in your home have got double benefits. One, they provide you with the satisfaction of having a woody façade in your home; two, the earthy shade or tone brings nature so close to you. Pick the patterns, colours or textures that resemble any timber of your choice – teak, maple, cherry, bamboo – the choice is yours — the results are elegant and classy – our guarantee.
  • The basic stone look tiles — After wood, tiles that resemble stones seem to be the second favourite of nature-loving people. The dewy colours and patterns of slate, the classy bling of marble, the rustic look of exposed brick, even the royalty of gemstones – all can be created by tiles.
  • The patterned panorama of earth-toned tiles — No more plains, let’s create an earthy look with patterns! Geometric or floral – you can take your pick. Stay close to nature with the colour tone that represents Earth. Can you imagine how beautiful a mossy green tile would look if embossed with leafy patterns on the wall of your kitchen window? Add some herb planters on the seal and create a green oasis for your home. What’s more exciting here, don’t just pattern your floors with such tiles, but you can adorn your backsplash, your bathroom walls and various other sections in your home as well – even the focal wall of your living room (yes, you read us right!).
  • 3D Magic – Advancements in home décor have been immense. Everyone likes to think out of the box now. Everyone wants a surprise element in their homes. And you can easily create drama in your home with 3D tiles. And the earthen tones would ensure that you don’t go overboard. Imagine the drama you could add to your foyer or formal living room with such visual textures. The best part? The patterns and textures can be as myriad as nature itself – so you shall be spoilt for choice!

We hope you found the perfect inspiration for your home! Now you can bring Mother Earth a tad bit closer to home using tiles. Best part? Tiles are low on maintenance and price point yet high on style statement. Win-win for a homeowner surely!

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