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Tuesday, March 12 2013

Destination: Tulum, Mexico!

Cynthia snuck away last weekend for some much needed R&R. She took her 6 year old daughter, Theanna, to Tulum, Mexico and spent the days exploring and taking in the scenic view of the gorgeous beaches. She lounged in some of her favorite Twelfth Street caftans, bought bracelets from the Tulum locals and flew kites on the beach. Not only was it a peaceful getaway, but most likely some inspiration for the upcoming collections!

Cynthia and Theanna sharing a coconut.



Cynthia buying bracelets from a Tulum local.

Theanna flying a kite on the beach on a gorgeous day in Tulum!

Beach Day!

Monday, February 11 2013

Inspiration for Spring Collections 2013

When one thinks of traveling, relaxation and a get-away from everyday life come to mind.  On my travels, since I love what I do, I like to combine both business and pleasure. I’m always searching for inspiration for my next collection. While visiting the islands of Majorca and Turks and Caicos, I found an abundance of inspiration. From the tranquil color of the sea and the taupe sand to the flowers and wildlife of surrounding islands. Both islands are located in the Mediterranean Sea, but each is unique in its own way. Majorca is the largest island in the Spanish Mediterranean Sea. The Turks and Caicos is made up of a handful of tiny islands southeast of the Florida panhandle. The people of the islands inspire me by their personal stlye and I love to see what the markets have to offer as far as womens clothing, shoes and handbags. One thing you can always expect...lots of vibrant colors.
In the Spring collections, you will see embroidery, bold stripes and even a little leopard print. I hope you love the collections as much as I do.




Tuesday, November 9 2010



One of the Twelfth Street girls, Rachel, just got back from a vacation in Bali, where she visited temples, played with monkeys, and read by this breathtaking infinity pool:

She brought back these great hand-woven ikat fabrics. 
So pretty! 
Between my trip to Europe and Rachel's vacation in Bali, it seems like Twelfth Street girls are taking over the world
Love, Cynthia

Thursday, November 4 2010



The scenery looked like it was straight out of The Sound of Music. Doe a deer...
Pictures from my friend Eva's family home, they used to own a pharmacy.
My daughter loved the "goldglimmer"... I rightfully told her it was fairy dust. 
I loved the cementary.
Someone must have been chopping for days to get this big of a pile of wood
The Alps were breathtaking and our stay there was truly enchanting.
Watch for the next post- after the Alps we headed up to Germany
Love, Cynthia

Tuesday, November 2 2010



Lugano is near the Swiss-Italian border, so of course we had to have some delicious pizza.
Fresh mozzarella and basil!
Loved the Missoni Pellegrino...
We were lucky enough to have perfect weather throughout our stay, too
Switzerland was so beautiful.