Beauteco Box


The beauty box addiction continues with my first Beauteco box! I’ve been quite excited about this as its a beauty box with a bit of a difference. Beauteco allows you to pick the items you want in the box from a selection of different options. Each month features six products and a different combination of these products can be found in three boxes. You choose which of the boxes you want, which makes Beauteco slightly less of a potluck option. And what of the products? Well, they are all jolly nice actually. Open up the box and you’ll find yourself reading words like ‘natural’ ‘organic’ and ‘paraben-free’ on the products inside and witthe ever rising demand for kinder, more natural products this could be something that sets Beauteco apart from the other beauty boxes. Even the box and packaging are recyclable!

Amie New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish

The first thing that hits you about this product is the smell, the epic mango goodness! On the skin this gives a really good scrub, but it’s still gentle and leaves your face feeling really clean and soft. I’d recommend this to anyone with dry skin, especially those with sensitive skin. There’s no harsh skin stripping chemicals in here so you can scrub away without a care in the world.

Organic Surge Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser

This, along with the Amie scrub, has gone straight into my skin care routine. It’s thick and moisturising but doesn’t sit on the skin or feel greasy. Thanks to my pill I keep having acne breakouts on my chin and some moisturisers and products can sting a little, this doesn’t though. I’d really recommend it, especially as it’s currently on sale on the website.

Headline Color Nail Polish in Spotlight

I’ve spoken about these polishes before when I got them in a Glossybox and I still like them. Big 3 free and easy to apply these polishes are great. This one is a metallic grey shade with a hint of lilac.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

This is an eye cream that actually works, my eye area feels softer and smoother. Eye creams normally do nothing at all for me, occasionally they just feel greasy or go in my eye and sting. Yeah I don’t have much luck with eye creams so I’m quite excited about this one and really recommend it!

Inner Me Lustrous Locks 28 capsules

A vitamin and mineral complex for your hair, Lustrous Locks tops up your body with all the things you need to make your hair beautiful. The formula is full of silica and MSM which is great for skin and nails too so you should see an all round boost. The packaging is also labelled with the day, so you should be able to keep track of whether or not you’ve remembered to take them that day.

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