All You Need to Know About Harmful Health Hazards of Termite Infestation


There’s no denying that when people start worrying about the risks that are associated with the infestation of termites, the first thing that comes to their mind is the effect of such insects on their homes. Even though termites pose a great deal of threat to your home, it also should not be forgotten that they also pose a great deal of threat to your human health as well. Not only they have the power to destroy every furniture as well as wooden structures within five years, but they can also make your house unfit for human inhabitation. Therefore. It’s very crucial to take matters seriously and thereby try to prevent such infestation in the first place, with the help of termite treatment Gold Coast services.

The Critical Health Hazards Of Termite Infestation

Allergy And Irritation

It should be noted that even though the bite of a termite might sting you, such stings are not considered to be toxic. But, the stings can indeed turn out to be painful and can even cause swelling on your tissues and itching of your skin. Moreover, allergic reactions can also occur due to termite infestation as well. Such reactions are mainly experienced by homeowners who live inside homes that are infested with termites. People who are already suffering from allergic reactions can suffer more severe reactions, which can sometimes be fatal due to pulmonary oedema. Apart from such consequences, the presence of low ventilation system inside homes can also lead to more health hazards as the dust as well as irritating particles from such termite nests will start to spread all over the house. If you want to prevent any sort of unwanted health problems being faced by you or your family members, then eradicating termite infestation is the only way to go.

Spreading Of Diseases

It was a long-held, almost primitive concept that termites do not spread any kind of disease to human beings. The latest reports have shown that termites can easily cause myiasis in human beings. Myiasis can be defined as an infestation of a parasite inside the body of human beings while feeding upon the host. This means that infectious agents can easily be mechanically contaminated with other human beings as well. This is the reason why termites are often held responsible for the growth of parasites inside human bodies. In some rare cases, these parasites even enter into the ears and noses of human beings. They are even capable enough to destroy the human intestines and thereby abdominal pain will be caused as a result. Termite infestation can also spread through faeces of animals or human beings which are infested by these parasites.

Creates Asthma

Asthma can be described as one of the most common diseases of the lungs where the patient faces difficulty in breathing, which can be caused due to termite infestation. The characteristics of asthma include variable symptoms, obstruct any reverse airflow and also create spasms inside the bronchi of the lungs. Some other symptoms also include sessions of chest tightness, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, coughing and so on.

Creates Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis can be defined as a skin reaction which is caused due to extended exposure to various irritants and allergens too. When compared to regular skin rashes, this is a different allergic reaction of the skin where the first exposure doesn’t create any inflammation. But, if the skin is exposed constantly to the irritants released due to termite infestation, then it can cause itching and thereby develops dermatitis within one day.

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