5 Ways To Add Glitz To Your Home Interior


Wanting to add glitz and glamour to your home interior? Well, with gold leaf becoming a hot trend right now, luckily there are some fun and inexpensive steps you can take to add shimmer to your home decor. Find out more about the gold leaf. 

What is Gold Leaf? Is Gold Edible?

Gold leaf is produced when gold is hammered into thin sheets by “gold beating”. It is majorly used for gilding and as an embellishment for food and is available in a wide variety of tones and karats. There are many reasons why people love gold. For starters, it’s shiny. It is an important ingredient for home decor. And it’s also destined for dessert or booze. Edible gold glitter, edible gold dust, and edible gold flakes are generally brushed onto chocolates and commonly floated in cocktails for a glittery touch. Now we will show how you can incorporate it into your luxury interior design project today.


Can you guess the best place to start infusing your home with shine? A stylish chandelier. Choose a chandelier that has more crystal glass and is not heavy on the metal. Then, add a touch of edible gold paint on the arms. This will give your dining area a more elegant and glittery feel – a chandelier that adds a bit of whimsy. Who says chandeliers are just for dining rooms? Consider adding them to an unexpected area for added shimmer.

Gilded Furniture

Gilded furniture is hot right now! Look online for tips and techniques involved in applying gold leaf to furniture. To enhance this look, consider swapping out your curtains, linens, area rugs throughout your home with ones that have accents of gold colors. If this seems to be too much gold for your taste, consider switching one neutral-colored wall to a feature wall of shiny gold paint.

Gold Accessories

Who said all candles are meant to burn? This ain’t true when it comes to adding a dash of gold to your home decor. Add a few glittery gold candles to your study table and watch the room sparkle and glow. If you particularly don’t like candles, you can consider placing a glass vase filled with decorative balls on the table. 

Take it to the Table

If accessorizing a tabletop is not your thing, you can glamorize the table by adding gold leaf foil or gold spray to it. Paired with the right kind of gold place settings, gold napkins, dinner set rimmed in gold, this becomes an understated way to make a gold statement during special dinner parties.

Framed in Fashion

What’s the most simple gold accents to add to any wall? Cherished photos with intricate gold borders. If you like frames you have, but want to make them look fancy, simply accent them by brushing with gold leaf sheets. You can use gold leaf adhesive to stick the pieces to the frames, and the viola has amazing gold frames in the style you already have. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to adding glamour and shimmer to your home interior, the key to a successful attempt is the placement. Don’t try too hard; just let the purposefully placed accent pieces throughout the house deliver the glitz that your home deserves. Here you have it – 5 Ways To Add Glitz To Your Home Interior. What is your favorite way to add a golden touch to your home? 

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