7 Nightmares for Hardwood Floor Owners!


Hardwood floors are a matter of pride for all the owners! Maybe because you spent so much in installing them or maybe because they look absolutely ravishing in your space! Or perhaps because they add sombre sophistication anywhere you put them. But one thing that is agreed by all is that wooden floors can be an extremely spectacular sight in any residential or commercial space, and the beauty they bless your spaces with can be enjoyed for years!

But nothing lasts forever! Even the perfect beauty and finishing of a hardwood floor. No matter how much you want it to be intact for years, hardwood floors do give away at some point or another. And this can be your worst nightmare!  But don’t worry! You need not install it afresh and spend the vast amount once more. Most of these problems can be easily solved by opting for floor sanding and polishing. Doncaster Floors offers the expertise and experience to treat your floors nicely and take them back to their pristine charm with a session of polishing and sanding.

The common problems your hardwood floor may end up showing!

 No matter how much you spent on its installations, timber floors are bound to show some visible issues over time. The reasons may be due to water leakages, heavy furniture, improper maintenance or simply wearing down with age. But the following problems are common with hard floors and require to be treated immediately if you want to see them in your property for some more years.

  1. Abnormal gaps — Though minor gaps after a certain period is normal, large gaps are a cause of worry. These are a result of excessive wetness, placing of flooring on wet ground, too heavy equipment placed on them, etc.
  2. Buckling — Wooden boards often buckle when they can’t expand. And the main cause for the same is always wetness. The extreme moisture does lead to their expanding, but when there’s no space to expand they buckle to create an uneven level of flooring.
  3. Peeling finish — When a timber floor isn’t clean, it doesn’t hold the finishing layer any longer. This leads to their peeling. That’s why cleaning and sanding is an important procedure before applying the finish on any hardwood floor.
  4. Loose or noisy boards — Another problem that arises with age or due to rough heavy furniture placement on the floors is loose or noisy boards. They basically indicate a damaged floor.
  5. Sanding blemishes — These are visible blemishes that happen due to uneven sanding or using of worn out abrasive screens or sanding pads.
  6. Ugly stains — Stains on woods are normal and often a result of too much wear. These can be really ugly patches that may be a result of spills or due to watermarks left for long. Even the stains created by pet urine can become ugly if the issues continue to happen on the same spot frequently.
  7. Fractures — Fractures are pretty common on timber floors. These can be due to nails, scratching done by pets, etc.

 Apart from these, you can also sometimes view distortion in your floors, visible debris in the finishing and few more such problems in your wooden space. When you view any of these, consult your sanding and polishing service provider for checking it, or you can also go for its repair when the situation becomes extreme.

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