5 Occasions That Call For A Limousine Hire!


Luxury is always marvellous! And when it comes to travelling in a luxurious way, the idea seems more appealing. Who doesn’t like when someone else takes care of the driving, while you sit and relax on the leather couch sipping your drink? This could be just magical!

And when such rides are with your friends and relatives, or the love of your life, the drive seems to turn more exciting. A limousine is one such vehicle that provides a luxurious ride to its passengers along with added amenities. You can actually dance, host a party, eat, drink and sleep in a limo, and that too in total plush comfort. But that of course calls for a suitable occasion.

Enhance the fun of these occasions with a limousine!

Any occasion is special. But when we are opting for a limo hire in Brisbane 400;”>from A.O.Limo<span, it’s going to become extra special! They provide you with varied options to choose from, and let you hire the best limousine of your choice. Also, they don’t demand a pre -booking for the same, as they can provide you with the vehicle on the spot.

For ideas on occasions which would be best enjoyed in a limo, read on:

A destination wedding is one which requires the bride, groom and their guests to travel to a place that’s away from home and engage in some intimate and engaging ceremonies, while the couple exchange vows there. To reach that location, you’ll obviously need a transport. A limousine here comes most handy. You will not only avoid the hassle of booking separate cars for all the guests, and pay for the car and the fuel, but would also actually start the pre-wedding party on the way itself. The limousine can be enough to fit in all your guests (and you!) for the journey, and that too in luxury. You can let your guests enjoy the food and drinks and dance with you while you are ready to reach the wedding venue in style.

A limousine can be the best thing to flaunt in front of your clients and business acquaintances. Especially if they are on a trip to your city for a certain urgent meeting and collaboration, instead of meeting at some public place or at a restaurant, you can even plan the meet-up in a limo. You can enjoy the luxury and elegant ambience that’s perfect for a formal meeting with your guests. Also, privacy is 100% guaranteed in the vehicle (that makes it safer too). Apart from this, as you are on the drive during all this time, your guests can even enjoy a ride around the city.

Proposing your mate We know a limousine can be the best place to speak out your heart to someone. Walls may have ears, but limos don’t! Thus, you get a private place to romance too. If you are thinking of a special place where you should be proposing your mate for a date or marriage, a limousine can be an ideal one. You can make your partner feel special in it, enjoy each other’s company in the lovely ambience, relax and even dance on the soft tunes playing inside. And the most important thing is that your partner would definitely get impressed with all these and say yes to your proposal!

Host a bachelor party — A bachelor party in a limousine would be the coolest one. You can decorate the interiors with props and your party theme decorations to create the perfect party atmosphere inside. A rocking music would obviously add charm to it. And what remains is the round of scrumptious finger food and drinks which are going to enhance the spirit of party for sure. Your would-be bride or groom would surely love this unique party.

Reunion— Reunion of any sort after years of separation can be great! Hosting such reunions — be it of any school or college or a family — in a limousine can be a superb idea. The entire crowd can gather in one place and enjoy the company of each other after a long time. The nostalgic feelings, the re-sharing of space, enjoying drinks together and even pouring out hearts to each other can bring out the best emotions and create unforgettable memories for you too. And guess what? When you squeal loudly seeing your friend after many years, no one is going to pucker their eyebrows! It’s important to make your special occasions more treasured! And this can be done if it’s celebrated at the right place. And a limo can be the best hosting space for any such precious gathering.

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