5 Effective Ways to Help Your Loved Ones Quit Smoking!

Quit Smoking

Addictions are bound to stay with us for years, sometimes even till ‘death do us part’! There are very few cases wherein a certain addiction has been controlled by a person in a very short span of time. However, with your will and determination, you can cross the hurdle of any addiction easily if you have the support of a loved one or your family members. Lots of people who have succumbed to various addictions just couldn’t survive the rehabilitation process because what they need is strong moral support, rather than other addiction overcoming procedures and nfortunately, in many cases they don’t have it. We all know is injurious to health, even chain smokers know this very well! Even then they tend to get involved in this act without looking back, which slowly leads to deterioration in their health. But this needs to stop immediately! And if you want your friend or a person close to you give up smoking, you have to make sure you are with that person throughout this phase.

How to Help Someone Stop Smoking

Giving up smoking isn’t an easy job! It’s far tougher than we can imagine, and the smoker undergoes a huge mental and physical turmoil during this process. This often leads them to return to their old habit of smoking again. But don’t let this happen to your loved one, ensure you are helping them to quit smoking forever by following these steps Gift some emotional help An addict needs to understand the need of quitting smoking first. You have to educate the person about the tangible and intangible dangers of smoking on their health. Also, inquire about the reasons why they smoke to such extreme. There may be financial stress or relationship tensions or some other issue which leads to retaliate to smoking every now and then. You obviously won’t be able to carry out this procedure easily on your own.

That’s why you should take the person to the best psychologists in Adelaide SA to let them open up about their addiction or the reason for resorting to it – all of it under the guidance of an. This, along with lots of encouragement from your side, will soon take them away from cigarettes and the clutches of its addiction easily. It’s very important to keep patience with the smokers who are getting over the habit. They’ll have various mood swings under very short span of time and they can have a temper of a bomb! But you’ll have to learn to adjust according to these mood swings and always keep the fact in mind that this phase is very difficult for them, and your patience can help them take it to their stride. Provide an alternative Quitting cigarette instantly isn’t possible for all. Some require a lot of time to do so.

And these kinds of people, who do the needful gradually, often require an alternative for the same. You can introduce nicotine chewing gums or vapes to them to let them adjust to the habit of not having cigarettes occasionally. These habits have evolved as some of the most guaranteed ways of removing cigarettes from chain-smokers’ lives. Providing other supports too Addiction to smoking may not have been only because of emotional factors, there can be other factors causing it as well. That’s why some other support too should be provided to the smokers to overcome the habit. You can help them in their medical recovery period or in financially adjusting their pending debts or so. If their other family members or acquaintances are having issues regarding their behavioural patterns during this phase, you can even help in getting them to understand the situation better too.

Helping Someone Quit Smoking

Celebrate small accomplishments Nothing comes at one go. But every small step in the right direction matters. If you celebrate each positive milestone, the smoker would feel encouraged and would understand the importance of quitting cigarettes. For example, if a person smokes after every two hours, and now because of the controlled measures reduces it to just after major meals, it’s a huge accomplishment that needs a pat on the back. Make sure such matters are taken into consideration and are appreciated in the phase of quitting cigarettes! A chain smoker is very vulnerable during the phase of leaving the habit of constant smoking. The person could be passing a roller coaster ride of emotional waves, and that is why continuous love and support from friends and family is the need of the hour. Ensure you dedicate a lot of your time, attention and support to them, and help them pass this exam with flying colours.

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