5 Backyard Pool Designs That Will Keep You at Home Even After the Lockdown


Pools are the ultimate in backyard fun and relaxation. Choosing the best backyard pool design is a big decision. From non-traditional stock pools to pools that look like they are a part of the natural landscape, we’ve rounded up the best backyard swimming pool designs for every budget and space.

While some of these are custom backyard pool designs, others can be bought at almost any pool supply store for a few hundred dollars. Let’s dive into these amazing swimming pools.

Backyard Pool Ideas

  1. Natural Pools

A natural swimming pool is designed to flow into the landscape. These pools are made to look like ponds and lakes that appear in nature. While the inside of the pool may be a traditional inground pool, on the surface of the pool, you’ll notice different depths, landscape elements, and stonework.

These pools use boulders, stones, and various elevations to blend the water’s edge into the natural landscape. If you have a pond or lake behind your home, you can also use an infinity design to make it look as if your pool flows right into the lake.

  1. Traditional Above Ground Pools

Traditional above ground pools come in all different sizes. Small above ground pools are affordable, easy to install, and easy to maintain. These come without a huge commitment.

With an above ground pool, you can also add a full or partial deck surrounding your pool. Add some lounge chairs and you have an inexpensive backyard oasis.

  1. Inground Pool

An inground pool is the ultimate in luxury. You can put in an inground pool in almost any shape or size. Your pool can have multiple depths for swimming, diving, and lounging. You can also connect a spa and a heater, for year-round use.

Inground pools may cost more but they will last for decades with the proper upkeep and maintenance. Pools can be designed with tiles, concrete, or soft liners on the inside. With an inground pool, you can also use salt water as an alternative to chlorine. 

  1. Stock Tank Pool

Stock tank pools are becoming all the rage. If you’ve ever blown up a kid’s pool, you know why. These pools come completely assembled because they are actually used for cattle, horses, and farm animals to drink from. You can find a stock tank pool in various sizes at a fleet or farming supply store. 

Stock tank pools don’t come with filter holes included but if you’re at all handy, you can drill a hole pretty easily. Once your filter is hooked up, you can treat the water as you would any other pool.

These pools look adorable and the best part is, they won’t pop or deflate. While they are on the smaller size, these aren’t just for kids. Two adults can easily fit into a large stock pool. Add a deck or pretty patio, and your stock pool instantly becomes a glamorous place to cool off, let the kids splash, or relax on a float.

  1. Backyard Water Parks

Who says backyard pools just need to be round? You can make your backyard into a water park splash pad. Depending on your budget, you can add slides, bridges, different jump in points, and even a lazy river. Mixing elevations, depths, and incorporating, plenty of fun, will transform your yard into an epic waterpark.

While there is quite a price difference between a stock pool and a backyard waterpark, there’s a pool for every yard and budget. No matter what size space you have, you can find the best backyard pool design options to enjoy all summer long. For more great design ideas and amazing backyard pools, check out the lifestyle section.

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