4 Must-Have Accessories For Every 20-Something Girl


For every young girl, her wardrobe is one of the most important possession she has. Even if you are not the street style diva type and you are not on a constant look out for extraordinary women’s accessories online in Australia, there are some basics that every woman should have. Such accessories have the capability to transform any simple dress that you wear into a glamorous fashion outfit. If you need to build a wardrobe that is sufficient for all the seasons and the whole year round, then you are in desperate need of funky accessories.

It is a good thing to have a collection of accessories and that you keep updating your jewellery collection, but even if you have the basic statement pieces, your purpose will be fulfilled! With the right kind of accessories, even your regular jeans and tee that you may wear to college, will get that glamorous look that will have all eyes looking at you. I am pretty sure that every woman has a heap of clothes in her closet but not necessarily all the kind of ccessories that will make these dresses a style statement. Even if you do not have a huge collection of accessories, we have rounded a few of them for you so that you can start with the basics in your wardrobe.

Daily wear earrings

Let’s begin with jewellery to kick off this list. Earrings are a staple with every dress. You can choose to go with any style, be it the casual studs or the big, flashy ear pieces, or the ones studded with precious diamonds, you may choose whichever ones according to your likes and dislikes. Every woman must own one pair, or no, maybe two or three pairs of such studs that can be included in your daily wardrobe. Such earrings can go with any attire and make it look elegant and classy.

Statement earrings

Well, it is not that you party every day, or every night, but when you do, you must look your best. And in that endeavour, your regular, daily wear earrings will not be able to help you. In your collection, you must have a couple of such pairs that are outlandish and stylish. These earrings are meant for the party dresses. These come in very handy when you don’t want to wear a necklace with a dress, especially in summers. Just make sure that these earrings are neutral in their colour scheme so that they can be worn with any outfit and during anytime of the day.

Statement necklaces

Not just earrings, woman love to adorn themselves with beautiful necklaces too. You may choose among various styles like a simple metal chain (gold or silver) along with a pendant, or a pearl necklace or a choker, anything that you may feel comfortable with. Thanks to the online stores, which offer a variety of fashion jewellery online in Australia. Necklaces can completely transform the look of the simplest of the little black dress you have single-handedly. You would generally not need another jewellery addition if you are already wearing a necklace. Make sure when you buy your statement necklace, you keep it simple and not have many colours in it so that it can work well with most of your wardrobe.

Statement bracelets

Just like the above mentioned accessories, bracelets have their own charm and can step up your look instantly. But, you may generally always need another jewellery to help you along with bracelets. The best thing about bracelets are that they are easy to carry and they come with a plethora of designs. You can also incorporate them in your daily wear clothing along with simple studs.

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