3 Underrated Hen Do Activities In Europe Suggested By CV


Every girl dreams of wearing that white wedding dress and walking the aisle with her father. Quite beautiful, right? However, what’s the second best thing? Yes, it is to be the maid-of-honour at your bestie’s special day. Handling a responsibility like this is a plateful, girl. You better keep up with the tasks that you have got. Being the emotional support of the bride-to-be should be your priority. Well, some other jobs like helping out with her wedding dress, finalising the wedding cake and many more are essential too. What is not so advertised at first, is throwing her an awesome single life send-off party, a hen do. You have to be in charge of organising and ensuring a successful hen weekend getaway to help her shed off some stress from her life before she steps into her new life.From finalising the destinations to picking out the restaurants and pubs; you have to handle it all. While you have all that in control, read on to learn about some underrated, suggested by CV, which will ensure its success:

Paintballing in London

It is a quintessential hen do activity; especially if all you girls are there at the getaway. Paintball requires many players, as it follows the old quotation, “the more, the merrier”. The experience will include safety equipment, briefing, guidance from an expert, guns and pellets. You already know it will be just an exciting way of forgetting all the worries of life, and shooting your bestie; not too dark, right? It is the right game for gun-loving gals, and if you all have got this in you, then let’s shoot some?

Clay pigeon shooting in Manchester

Why not compete with your gals in a game of who has the best aim? Clay pigeon shooting has long been presumed as a game favoured by stags, but you all love it too, right? Pick up the best shotguns available, and get on with it in style! You do have to take some precautions and guidance from the experts there, but once that is done, you are off to identify the best shooter in the group. Although you might be too conscious to enjoy the experience at first, once you get handy with the gun, you will forget about the shivering hands and kill those fake pigeons.

Car smashing in Amsterdam

Why do people associate guys with destructive games and presume girls prefer spa experiences? Well, that’s a misconception. Although, it is safe to say that more guys are into guns and other destructive activities, but many girls are there who would love to pick up a baseball bat or something and smack a car to pieces. Beware! You don’t have to crash your car into a tree to do this! Don’t you already feel like smashing something because you are frustrated with the stubborn wedding planner or the idiot baker? Well, this is the correct way of doing something like this legally. Imagine that the car is of the person who has irritated you the most, and then, hand out the bats to your gals, choose the car that you most associate that man with, and get on with it. The only two suggestions will be to make sure you all don’t hit each other and don’t hold back; hit a home run. You need to find the right agencies who can help you experience these activities in the perfect manner possible. All you have to do is be willing to experience the true animal in you. It’s not a bad thing until it’s legal. You girls need to jump off the misconception to experience fun & adrenaline-spiking activities, and Europe is the perfect place to make it happen.

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