3 European Stag Do Cities If You’re Looking To Go All Out


A stag do is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Not to forget, when the big lad bestows the honour of “best man” on you, it is your duty to deliver. Sure, a night of heavy drinking coupled with a bad hangover also count as a stag party, but you’re a better friend than that.

After all, you need to go down in history as the best best man to ever exist. Apart from helping out with the wedding arrangements and flirting with the bridesmaids, an epic stag do is a surefire way to earn substantial best man brownie points. Moreover, its not like an epic weekend of stag awesomeness will only be enjoyed by your mates, you will be as much a part of the celebrations as the groom himself.

All those things point to a common deduction, the stag party needs to be absolutely off-the-hook! While a lot goes into making that happen, it all starts with the most crucial decision of the planning process- picking out the right destination. If you and the lads are looking to pull all stops and bid farewell to your best mate’s single life like kings, the following destinations are perfect for the purpose:


When you’re flying to Munich, the expectations of great hospitality and luxury start building up in the flight itself. Home to some of the finest beers in the World, along with the motosport giant, BMW, Munich knows what it means to party hard.

Oktoberfest aside, Munich nightlife is unmatched. With superclubs and high-end bars serving cocktails of all colours in the south and west parts of the city, Munich is ideal for a bar crawl. The city also offers plenty of activity options when it comes to keeping busy during the day. From indoor karting to mega shopping venues, a Munich stag do is for the big boys only.


With a history stretching back to the Roman empire in 90 AD, Stuttgart knows a thing or two about hospitality for kings. The city is home to some of the finest hotels on the planet such as the Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin, an ultra-luxurious spa hotel, perfect for kicking back and relaxing before a night of alcohol-fuelled mayhem.

From mellow cafes playing acoustic tunes to multi-level nightclubs that create artificial earthquakes with their music, the Stuttgart nightlife scene is simply crazy. Whoever said that the Germans don’t know how to party should definitely pay a visit to this amazing city. Literally anything goes in a Stuttgart party.


Beautiful beaches, innumerable party venues and a fun-loving crowd, an Ibiza stag party is popular for obvious reasons. The party capital of the planet doesn’t disappoint any kind of stag. Everyone from the hedonists to the culture vultures are guaranteed a gala time at this beautiful beach city.

Those looking to really splurge should either head to a boat party, or if the budgets allow, charter a yacht of your own! Alternatively, head to Space or Pascha to catch one of your favorite celebrity DJs spinning their tunes all night long.

Ibiza also has plenty to do during the day, besides lazing around on a beach and enjoying some quality Spanish talent spotting. The city is filled to the brim with adventure watersports that the boys can enjoy between drunk blackouts.


When it comes to putting together a great stag party, the destination surely matters greatly. Choosing the right destination not only depends on the kind of nightlife and activities on offer, but on the preferences of the groom. So make sure you consult about the destination with the groom before making the bookings. The stag do is after all, all about the groom-to-be.

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