10 must-have desserts to keep your dessert standards high


Do you know which element of a wedding binds all the adults and the kids together? The Desserts! Okay, admit it that we all love the scrumptious dessert table at weddings and we love more than the wedding cake! Now that we are already on the topic, have you thought about giving the dessert table a modern touch by adding unique sweet nothings to it? If not, then follow the post below to be mesmerised by a variety of desserts which would highlight your dessert table and make it one of the most loved parts of your big day.

Milk and cookies, anyone?

Who doesn’t love milk and cookies? We all do! So, if it’s a prominent part of our lives, why not make it a part of the wedding as well? Ask your wedding catering Sydney caterer to prepare milk and cookie shots to make it easy for everyone to enjoy this dessert on the go.

Ice creams!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. From kids to adults, we all are crazy fans of ice cream and if it’s in a cone, it’s an even bigger delight. Opt for a variety of flavours and provide the option of cones and cups for guests’ convenience. A much needed and must have dessert for a summer wedding.


For those anytime cravings, doughnuts are the best. They are hassle-free, easy to carry around & consume and are loved by all. Think of at least four flavours and make them the highlight of your wedding table.


Not many people know about s’mores, but those who do love it with all their hearts. It’s one of the most delicious desserts a person can ever have, so make it a part of your wedding table. For keeping it fun, organise a make-your-own-s’mores activity.

Pies for all

Pies are simple, easy and absolutely delicious. Keep your and your spouse’s favourite pie flavours in mind and serve it to all your guests. You can opt for small pies, pie pops and pie fries as well to make pies the perfect dancing partner for all on stage.  

Waffle affairs

Keeping the kids in mind, go for waffles and keeping the adults in mind, go for unique flavour waffles which everyone will love. Do you know the best part about waffles? You can replace them with your wedding cake and cut a stack of waffles instead.


Lemon, fruit and chocolate tarts are enough to cover your dessert table and make it the highlight of your wedding. Place them creatively and see your guests enjoy these beauties.


Undoubtedly the most popular wedding dessert, cupcakes are enjoyed by people of all age groups. Make them colourful and craft unique flavours with your Sydney wedding catering services for excellent feedback from your guests.


Macaroons can be well spotted at numerous weddings and are one of the best loved wedding desserts for a reason. They offer a variety of flavours and are easy to carry around while your guests enjoy chatting and snacking on them.


Adults are no less than kids when it comes to desserts and if you place a candy counter at your wedding, you will see it for yourself. Organise a separate candy bar counter next to the desserts and you will know what we are talking about here. Match the candies with your colour scheme and provide mini bags to help them gather and take candies home as wedding favours.

No one can ever go wrong with desserts, but with these options you will be making the right choices which will add the perfect sweetness to your wedding day.

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